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How Accounting Pros Use CPACharge Invoicing to Boost Profits and Productivity

Adrian Aguilera
December 7, 2023

Invoicing software shouldn't be a hassle to learn and use. It should be a breeze that actually improves your billing tasks and payment collection rates. CPACharge, a payment and invoicing software platform, is built specifically for accounting professionals, like you, to fix this problem. With CPACharge, you'll be able to easily create detailed (error-free) invoices, conveniently handle payment processes, effectively manage invoicing follow-up, and boost payment collection rates. This isn't just our word though. Learn how accounting professionals are specifically using CPACharge to become a more successful accounting firm from improved productivity, better profit, and happier clients.

Accounting Peers Benefit from Using CPACharge Invoicing: Here's 5 Reasons Why

1. "It's Easy to Invoice the Client"

With CPACharge invoicing software, you can streamline your billing processes without the need for multiple spreadsheets and complicated formulas. The feature allows you to easily input client information, time entries (hourly or flat rates), and detailed work descriptions. You'll save time and provide clear and detailed billing descriptions that your clients will appreciate.


Here's what a user said about the invoicing process:

  • "We needed to show line-by-line descriptions and, with CPACharge invoicing, I can now send detailed (broken-out) billing to my customers."
  • "CPACharge is extremely user-friendly on both ends. Our clients love how easy it is to use and so do I!"

2. "I Save Hours on Billing"

Manual billing processes waste time and often create a frustrating follow-up cycle for you and your clients.

CPACharge invoicing software for accountants reduces the hours it can take to invoice the client with its user-friendly tools and automated follow-up features. Plus, you can easily monitor processed and past-due payments from a dashboard that lists the status of each invoice—listed as sent, read, and paid. Check out our CPACharge time savings calculator to discover how many hours per month you can specifically save.


Here's what a user said about the time savings:

  • "I save hours on billing with CPACharge."
  • "This system saved me and gave back about 20 minutes per transaction."

3. "It Helps my Cash Flow"

Check and cash options alone are no longer the preferred method of payment. According to a 2020 ACI Speedpay Pulse survey, over 95 percent of people preferred paying bills online versus in person. Online payments provide the convenience that clients value—while ensuring your business remains competitive. Most importantly, your business receives instant cash flow.

CPACharge seamlessly pairs invoicing with online payment capabilities. Your clients will have the option to conveniently pay via debit, credit, or eCheck directly from their invoices. In addition, CPACharge offers Pay Later: an accounting fee financing option that provides you with 100% upfront payment, while your clients pay a third-party lender through installments.


Here's what a user said about the payment benefits:

  • "CPACharge helps my cash flow due to faster processing and deposit times in my bank account."
  • "With CPACharge I am able to offer Pay Later options to my clients. The invoice template looks great and I can also offer auto draft to my clients. You want to be able to offer several payment options to clients and with CPACharge, I can do that."

4. "It's Much Easier to Rectify any Billing Problems"

If a discrepancy occurs after sending an invoice to the client, CPACharge makes it simple to instantly make adjustments to any line items or dollar amounts. You won't have to sift through hard-copy file cabinets or multiple software folders. You can simply type the contract or client name to locate their invoice. From there, it's easy to make the necessary changes with a few clicks.


Here's what a user said about the ability to make invoicing adjustments:

  • "With CPACharge, it's much easier to troubleshoot and rectify any billing problems the customer might have."
  • "CPACharge is a lot smoother. It gives me peace of mind and allows me to keep my focus on the day-to-day."

5. "Is Now A One-stop Shop"

You shouldn't need to juggle between multiple solutions and logins to accomplish all of your billing and payment needs. CPACharge is a single accounting billing and invoicing software solution built for simplifying your workflows under one roof. You won't need to jump from one software to the next to manage your invoicing and payment processes. In addition, CPACharge can automatically sync with QuickBooks Online for quick, seamless reconciliation.


Here's what a user said about the single-solution benefits:

  • "CPACharge is now a one-stop shop. Previously it was a problem, having to send an invoice from one software and implement billing from another."
  • "CPACharge easily integrates with my face-to-face office, my QuickBooks account, my website, and our customer relations manager."

Try CPACharge Invoicing for Yourself Today

With CPACharge accounting software for invoicing, you'll be able to simplify the invoicing and payment process and improve accounting firm profitability. All the essential features you'll need are built into a single solution—making time-consuming admin tasks a breeze.

Schedule a free demo today and experience first-hand why accounting professionals value CPACharge as the single solution that can boost invoicing processes, productivity, and cash flow.