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Did you know there is a better, faster, and easier way to manage billing and payments? With CPACharge’s end-to-end billing and payments solution, you can deliver outstanding outcomes to your clients and productivity for your firm by easily itemizing invoices, providing convenient online payment options for instant payments, and accessing an intuitive dashboard to monitor invoice statuses for easy follow‑up.

Try the CPACharge Efficiency Calculator and see firsthand how much you can profit and save!

CPACharge Efficiency Calculator

How many clients do you bill each month?

40 clients

How many clients are 30+ days past due?

5 clients

How many invoices do you send to a client monthly?

2 invoices

How many hours do you spend drafting and mailing invoices for each client?

2.5 hrs

What’s your billable hourly rate?


Here’s how much you can profit and save with CPACharge:

Estimated monthly revenue increase*


Estimated monthly hours saved*


Experience a Solution Built Specifically for Accounting Pros

Convenient Online Payments

Get your valuable time back and get paid as much as 39% faster** by offering online debit, credit, and eCheck payment options.

User-Friendly Invoice Creation

Build invoices that allow you to easily detail time entries and work descriptions. Current customers save an average of 15 minutes per invoice.**

Intuitive Invoice Tracking

Access a simple tracking and invoice management dashboard that lists the status of each invoice as sent, viewed, or paid.

*This information is reflected as estimates only and not a guarantee of exactly how much revenue received or the amount of hours saved.

**The total time savings is calculated based on CPACharge’s maximum improved efficiency rate of 39%. It assumes the time required to create and send invoices to current and past-due clients is equivalent. Furthermore, an average time savings of 15 minutes per invoice was applied based on feedback collected during a customer survey conducted in November 2023.

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