CPACharge Videos

Getting Started Advanced Features CPACharge Presents

How to run a charge

Length: 1:33

How to recharge a card

Length: 1:16

How to send and manage Quick Bills

Length: 1:39

QR Code Walkthrough

Length: 1:46


Length: 1:11


Length: 1:19

Set up recurring charges with Scheduled Payments

Length: 1:03

Card Vault

Length: 2:15

Accepting Payments

Length: 1:06

Pay Later Walkthrough

Length: 0:52

Process payments from your clients using QR codes

Length: 0:45

More than one easy way to get paid

Length: 1:05

Let clients know how to pay you

Length: 1:05

Preseason with CPACharge

Length: 1:01

Dr. Cozette White Case Study

Length: 2:00

Knowledgeable, Prompt Chargeback Support

Length: 0:33

Simple Payment Solutions for the Accounting Industry

Length: 0:54

Use Quick Bill for a Streamlined Client Experience

Length: 0:22

Secure, Compliant Payment Data Storage

Length: 0:22

A Variety of Flexible Client Payments Options

Length: 0:38

Keith Maynard Case Study

Length: 2:11

Use QR Codes for In-Person Payments

Length: 0:59

Discover the Power of CPACharge's Integration with CCH

Length: 1:11

CPACharge's exceptional customer support experience

Length: 0:58

Stay Focused on Your Business, Not Your Billing

Length: 0:53

Payment Authorization Forms

Length: 0:40

Your Billing Process Should Affirm the Values of Your Business

Length: 0:40

Payment Links Are Your New Best Friend

Length: 0:22

Drive year-round revenue with upskilling

Length: 0:45

Assess your tech stack to increase efficiency

Length: 0:55

Automate billing and never chase late payments

Length: 0:45

5 Stars

The CPACharge system is user-friendly—it literally took minutes to be up and running. Between the website link, the email links, and the ability to run charges from both our offices, CPACharge has greatly benefited our clients, as well as our office teams.

Peggy Tuttle
Billing Manager, Cole, Newton & Duran CPAs