Storing client credit card information with CPACharge

John Lehman
October 4, 2021

CPACharge is excited to announce our latest feature to help expedite client payments and keep payment information secure—Card Vault.

Using the Card Vault feature, you can safely store the preferred payment method of your clients in a PCI-compliant manner. Card Vault allows you to easily make credit, debit, or eCheck payments on behalf of your clients, providing a contactless payment experience and keeping sensitive information safe.

When you log into your CPACharge account, you’ll notice a new Card Vault tab on the left-hand navigation. This tab is where you can manually add your clients' contact information and, with their permission, attach their payment method to their contact listing. You can also request payment information from your clients directly with the Request Card button, eliminating the need to handle their payment credentials yourself.

Card Vault will make recharging client payment methods a breeze by enabling you to make authorized payments without needing to collect payment information every time. And with our secure encrypted technology, you and your clients can rest easy knowing their data is safe.

You can learn more about our Card Vault feature here.

If you have any questions, our in-house team of Certified Payments Professionals is available to assist. Contact our support team here.

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