Card Vault

CPACharge’s Card Vault feature allows you to store a client’s preferred payment methods in a secure, encrypted vault. You can easily make a charge on their behalf, saving you both time and streamlining your billing process. You can even store multiple types of payment methods under a single client.

Credit card and computer

Make payments quickly and securely


Use the Request Card feature to send your client a link to fill out their own payment methods, eliminating the risk of handling it yourself.


With their payment method stored, you can easily re-charge a client to the account of your choice, using the card they prefer.


Easily add and edit payment methods or delete it if necessary. Plus, all payment methods are kept safe with advanced security features, including encryption and tokenization.


Store and charge client payment methods for a contactless experience

Card Vault not only keeps payment methods safe, but also allows payments to be made without the need for a client to resubmit their payment information, allowing for another contactless payment option.

Add payment methods or send requests to clients

You can add new contacts and save their payment method by clicking Add New Card, or have your clients provide their own preferred payment method by clicking Request Card.

Edit or delete payment methods whenever needed

By selecting Manage Cards, you can make changes as necessary to any client’s contact information or payment method, or click Delete Card to remove the payment method.

Manage expired payment methods

If a client’s payment method has expired or is expiring soon, an icon will appear next to their listing. You can update card numbers and expiration dates, keeping your list of payment methods up-to-date and ready for successful transactions.

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