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Why bog down your busy day with a slow, outdated billing process? CPACharge's online payment solution could get you paid as much as 39% faster, putting more valuable time back into your day. Curious how much time you could be saving with an online payments solution? Use the CPACharge Time Savings Calculator to find out!

Clients billed monthly?

How many clients do you bill each month?

Hours spent invoicing per client?

On average, how many hours a month do you spend drafting and mailing invoices for a single client?

Clients that are 30+ days past due?

How many clients are 30+ days past due and require additional follow up for payment?

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Hours / Month

Additional Information

  • Time spent invoicing: The average small-to-midsize company spends as much as 25 days to process a single invoice manually, from receipt to payment.
  • Past due clients: Businesses spend an average of 14 hours a week chasing late payments.
  • Note: The time savings calculation assumes that the time spent on initial drafting and mailing invoices is the same as the time spent following up with past-due clients. ((Clients Billed Monthly * Hours Spent Invoicing) + ( Past Due Clients * Hours Spent Invoicing)) * CPACharge Maximum Time Savings (39%).

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