Firm Spotlight

CPA Firm Spotlight: My Financial Home Enterprises

Swaneet Mand
September 27, 2022

Beachy beginnings

From coastal and picturesque Oxnard, California, Dr. Cozette White was pulled into the financial management industry when she took home her very first W2, and her grandmother encouraged her to file her own taxes instead of seeking outside help. “I believe she wanted me to really take control of my destiny,” Dr. White says. That’s precisely what Dr. White did, as the CEO and founder of My Financial Home Enterprises, as well as acclaimed bestselling author and nationally recognized tax and accounting strategist.

My Financial Home Enterprises helps professional service providers with a variety of modern financial and business needs, such as tax preparation, tax planning, and financial advisory services. As they’ve grown, the business has expanded to help other tax professionals and accountants with continuing education courses, mentorship, coaching, and more. Dr. White herself has also found time to share what she’s learned with speaking engagements across the world.

A modern financial firm

While still based in California, My Financial Home Enterprises has been virtual for 12 years, with most of the staff located in the US and some international. Technology has helped them work remotely and retain their talented employees regardless of location. Dr. White explains that their virtual office has empowered growth with “freedom and flexibility, and being able to have a team that we can get online any day of the week, and iron through whatever project we are working on.” The firm uses software for a variety of operations, from project management to collaboration to payments processing.

Dr. White got to know CPACharge through the Santa Barbara Taxpayer Group, and found that signing up was a breeze. “I remember clicking on a button, and within a matter of days, I uploaded my information, and I was processed,” she says. “I had my own account and we were ready to go and process payments. It was extremely easy.”

Best in class service

CPACharge’s service brings a smile to Dr. White’s face. As she says, “My representative, Heidi Rogers, she’s always accessible and always there to walk me through any issues I have.” She notes that when she received her first merchant chargeback, she faced a problem no business owner wants. She was relieved when CPACharge thoroughly walked her through the process of winning that chargeback. While an inherent risk of business, CPACharge’s experienced team helps to mitigate those risks and win chargebacks for its clients, so they’re never left to battle their chargebacks alone. And when working with new clients, Dr. White is eager to tell them about CPACharge and its time-saving features, like Scheduled Payments and Quick Bill.

More time for what you’re meant to do

As a business owner, Dr. White appreciates the time saved with Pay Later, an accounting fee financing option that enables clients to pay in small increments over time. “We're not spinning our wheels on the back end doing cash collections, or credit collections, from our clients,” she explains. “We're paid upfront, and it's just a win-win to both the business, as well as the investor.” But beyond convenience, Dr. White believes that [Pay Later] will change the accounting landscape. “More professionals in this industry will have an opportunity to invest in themselves,” she says. “It cuts down on time and it allows us, as business owners, to really focus on the business.”

Quick Bill also helps to diminish inconvenience with pre-filled dollar amounts that can be sent and paid with a click of a button. “It eliminates the hassle of going back and recollecting this information, over and over, for our client,” she adds. “So it’s beneficial, not only for us, but also hassle-free for our clients.”

All in all, Dr. White couldn’t be more happy with how CPACharge has helped her business. “Our business is getting paid faster and more reliably,” she says, noting that they have more time to really focus on the business and their clients. “CPACharge helps me put my clients first.”

If you’re interested in learning more about how CPACharge can help your firm flourish, schedule a demo today.