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CPA Firm Spotlight: Maynard CPA, PLLC | CPACharge

Ross Burkhart
March 1, 2022


As Keith Maynard neared the conclusion of his college career in Waco, Texas, he began to fall in love with the city. He imagined how his accounting industry experience could transform the lives of local business owners—particularly younger and less established clients.

Years later, in August of 2020, Keith launched Maynard CPA. “I saw a unique niche in the market that a lot of the traditional or the established accounting firms were not meeting,” Maynard said. “So I decided to launch the firm with the goal of being public accounting reinvented for this generation.”

Using flexible solutions to fit modern client needs

In opening his own firm, Keith wanted the flexibility to serve clients who had great ideas but little to no experience running a business.

“I realized there was this gap of entrepreneurs and startups and individuals that needed some handholding,” Maynard said. “They needed more help; they needed an affordable cost structure. So I decided to leave the big firm, to leave the larger cost structures (and) come to more of an affordable scenario to be able to help people in the places that they need it the most.”

Keith worked at larger firms early in his career, where he encountered many slow, inefficient processes. Their payment portals lacked integration access, so employees had to manually record payments and file transactions. So when he started Maynard CPA, he was certain he needed a solution that utilized modern payment technology.

A payment solution that aligned with the firm’s mission

After Keith first heard about CPACharge during a CCH Connections User Conference, he watched a demo of the solution and was impressed with its features—particularly automated billing, scheduled payments, and integration with his existing accounting software.

Later, when he needed to quickly implement multiple systems for Maynard CPA, Keith chose CPACharge and was able to send an invoice within one day of opening his account using the Quick Bill feature.

“At Maynard CPA, we value ourselves on being effective and efficient,” Maynard said. “It's great when we have a program and a process like CPACharge that also affirms the values of our brand.”

Convenience for all

Beyond the features that make CPACharge a leading option for the accounting industry, the ability to accept payments from clients in any situation is essential to the needs of Maynard CPA.

“Since Maynard CPA is a younger firm and our staff is younger and our clients are younger clientele,” Maynard said, “it's expected for us to receive payments via credit cards. Clients don't really ask if we accept them; they give a credit card and they expect us to take them.”

Keith compares those in the tax and accounting industry not yet accepting online payments to a retail establishment that doesn’t take credit cards, and he says the impact of using CPACharge have been undeniable. Since opening his account, Keith has witnessed his operation earn faster and more reliably as a result of the solution’s convenience for all parties involved.

“I would highly recommend using CPACharge based on my experience,” Maynard said. “The payment processing times, the turnaround times, the ease of use, the reporting functions, the integration with CCH are just a few of the reasons why it's been a great experience for us.

“Whether you're an accountant, a CPA, a bookkeeper, whatever the words that describe what you do and your line in the profession, CPACharge can be a great solution for you.”