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COVID-19 Resources to Help CPAs and Accountants Adapt

Dustin Hall
March 31, 2020

There's no doubt about it, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies and professionals in all industries to adapt. This is especially true for CPAs and Accountants like yourself, who frequently conduct physical meetings at clients' homes or in your office.

From finding ways to work remotely, to keeping clients informed and happy, and even ensuring you can still get paid (without having to touch checks or cash)—it can be challenging to navigate this new "normal."

That's exactly why we've created this article.

Rather than provide a list of our own COVID-19 resources, we thought we'd provide you a list of the best resources found within our industry. A "list of lists" so to speak. The resources are already out there, we've just compiled them into a single, tidy blog post where you can find what you need to survive (and thrive).

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Rootworks Resources

Led by Darren Root—one of the accounting industry's foremost thought leaders—Rootworks has helped firms of all sizes modernize their practice and transition into a more digital, advisory-focused position. In an effort to support all CPA firms (not just their members) during the COVID-19 crisis, they've made many of their resources free to download. Resources include client communication templates, website landing page guidance, and remote working tips.

Visit Rootworks Resources Here »

Wolters Kluwer Resources for Tax & Accounting Professionals

As one of the preeminent leaders in practice management software, the team at Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting put together a wonderful list of resources for professionals and firms in our industry. Covering everything from COVID-19 related tax updates to complementary webinars (with and without CPE credit), you can also sign up in their resource center to get instant updates on all news and resources.

Visit Wolters Kluwer Resources »

AICPA Resources

The AICPA has also developed a fantastic COVID-19 resource center. In it, you'll find an extensive list of free resources such as PDF guides, recorded AICPA conference sessions, virtual learning opportunities, and links to the latest COVID-19 tax news.

Visit AICPA Resources »

Thomson Reuters Resources

Another of the industry's dominant practice management software providers, Thomson Reuters (Practice CS and Onvio) was quick to create an in-depth resource center for CPAs and Accountants looking for helpful COVID-19 articles.

Visit Thomson Reuters Resources »

TimeSolv Resources

TimeSolv is one of the more popular time tracking and billing tools used by attorneys, CPAs, and accountants. Like Wolters Kluwer, they're also one of the few companies that has an entirely remote workforce, so they know a thing or two about managing businesses remotely. Their Tip of the Week blog has links to useful resources and registration for their ongoing webinars on how they've successfully grown their business with home office employees.

View TimeSolv Resources »

Working Remotely During COVID-19 (and Beyond)

While the resources above may advise on different tools or solutions to help you work remotely, you'll also find they all share a couple common best practices.

"Living" in the same place

While you may not be sharing the same physical space as your clients and employees, you absolutely must share the same digital space if you plan on keeping track of progress and communications. This means identifying which core platforms are best for your team, and which are best for your clients. In the case of some of the larger practice management tools or payment solutions like ours, one solution may be ideal for both employee and client use.

Setting (and managing) expectations

People only get upset when there is a gap between what they think should happen and what actually does happen. The best way to bridge this gap and avoid angry clients or employees is to communicate openly and frequently. Set realistic expectations up front and continue to manage them as things change. Over communicating is always better than under communicating.

Regardless of how you're managing working remotely during the COVID-19 crisis, we can all agree it isn't easy. If you find your firm could use some help with accepting client payments online, we're here to help. Just call us at 844-352-4705 or download our CPACharge Solution Guide here to learn more.