Website Payments Integration

Add a bill payment button to your firm’s website and link it to your secure, custom CPACharge payment page. This gives existing clients a straightforward way to pay, and shows prospective clients your firm is modern and tech-savvy.


Use your firm’s website to encourage prompt payment


Remind clients of the variety of simple online payment options available to them.


Convey to clients and prospects that you run a modern, service-oriented firm.


Include a bill-pay button in one or multiple spots on your site, based on your needs.

How It Works

Seamlessly incorporate secure online payments

Whether you manage your own website or work with a web developer, adding a bill-payment link or button is a simple site update. You’ll be up and running in no time, giving clients yet another convenient way to easily pay your bill online.

Step 1

Choose a button style

Our support team can provide logo options to choose from, or you can create a custom button yourself with code.

Step 2

Add it to your website

Add the button to your header, footer, or both using your website’s content management system.

Step 3

Link it to your payment page

Copy your payment page link from your CPACharge account and apply it as a hyperlink on your payment button.

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