QR Code Payments

With CPACharge’s QR code payment feature, your clients can easily pay your invoices by using their mobile device. Your account comes with a unique QR code that will direct your clients to your CPACharge payment page when scanned, allowing them to enter their payment information and submit a payment instantly.

A safe and secure way to accept payments in person


With QR codes, getting paid is simple: your client scans your code, fills in their payment information, and submits a payment with a click of a button.


QR codes have become increasingly popular as a convenient and contactless way to pay for services. Give your clients the payment options they want.


By accepting QR code payments, your firm no longer needs to handle sensitive payment data. Your clients can scan your code and enter their own payment details on their device.


Give your clients a modern payment experience

QR codes provide a safe and convenient way to get paid for your services, while giving your clients the payment experience they want.

Display your QR codes anywhere

QR codes can be placed anywhere you need them. Include one at your desk or at your reception area to let clients pay before they leave. Or print the code on your invoices for quick payments as soon as the invoice arrives.

Mobile-friendly payment pages

Your unique, customizable payment page is designed to be mobile-friendly, making QR code payments an easy experience for your clients.

Contactless payments experience

Maintain physical distancing recommendations by letting your client handle the entire transaction. Clients scan your QR code on their own device and enter their own payment data.

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