Professional Payments Network

The Professional Payments Network provides access to an exclusive network of accounts payable vendors and several thousand banks, allowing you to get paid faster, experience easier reconciliation, and accept more secure payment methods, including virtual cards.

Professional Payments Network (PPN)

Getting paid just got even easier


Expansive network of accounts payable vendors and thousands of banks


Guarantee funds to minimize risk and increase profits


Access the Professional Payments Network free with your CPACharge account


Expand options to securely accept payments from clients, without additional steps for you

Get access to an expansive network of AP vendors and banks, so you can get paid faster, accept safer payments, and streamline your reconciliation process.

No additional fees

The Professional Payments Network is included free of charge with your CPACharge account. Virtual card transactions will be charged at the same rate as regular credit card fees.

Expand payment options for clients

This special network will continue to expand in order to accommodate even more ways to pay in the future.

Improve Cash Flow

A virtual Card transaction via the Professional Payments Network has the same delivery of funds timeline as a credit card payment, 1-2 business days.

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