Give Clients the Option to Pay With QR Codes

John Lehman
August 24, 2021

CPACharge is excited to announce that you can now use QR codes to accept client payments, giving you another great option to get paid faster for your services.

With QR codes, your clients can pay invoices directly from their mobile devices. After scanning your unique code, your client is directed to your secure CPACharge payment page, allowing them to enter their credit card or eCheck information and submit payment right away.

To find your QR codes, sign into CPACharge and click on the Charge tab. A unique code will be displayed for each payment page under your account. When you click on the QR code, a popup window will appear where you can either copy the QR code to paste into an invoice or print a QR code sheet.

QR codes give your clients a safe and convenient way to pay your invoice, whether in person or on the go. You can display your QR codes on your desk in your office, on your business card, at your booth during an event, or even on your printed invoices.

Our team of Certified Payments Professionals is available to answer any questions you may have about our new QR code feature. Contact our support team here.

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