Custom Payment Pages

Our secure payment pages let you accept online payments in your office, by email, or through your website. You can personalize your payment page with your company’s business information and logo to provide a familiar, professional payment experience.


Give clients a secure, convenient way to pay


Your payment page can be used in the office or provided to clients so they can pay from a computer or mobile device, on their own time.


All payment pages are hosted on our secure, PCI Level 1 compliant servers, so data stays safe and private.


Today, people like to pay bills online. Give clients the convenience of paying for your services the way they want.

How It Works

Let clients know all the easy ways to pay

Your payment page is one of the most versatile ways for you to accept credit card payments. Key in or swipe payments right in your office, or share your payment page with clients to give them a variety of easy ways to pay.

Option 1

Add to invoices

Include your payment link on all the invoices you create with your preferred invoicing tools, so clients can quickly pay their bill the minute they receive it, while it’s still top of mind.

Option 2

Add to emails

Add your payment link to email communications to let clients know they can pay online. Better yet, embed the link right in your email signature so it’s included on every email you send.

Option 3

Add to your website

Integrate online payments with your website by adding a payment link to your header or footer. This lets website visitors immediately know how to pay you and can attract new clients looking for modern payment options.

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