CPACharge Launches Integration With Dynamic Tax & Accounting Software,

Keely Leonard
December 6, 2022

Austin, Texas (December 6, 2022)CPACharge, the online payment solution developed specifically for tax and accounting firms, has announced a new partnership with, a leading provider of software for tax and accounting firms. This new integration gives tax professionals access to an all in one accounting platform that saves time, safely collects payments, and improves customer satisfaction. The new SmartPath Engage Platform will be fully integrated with CPACharge allowing tax firms to price any client in real time and automatically align their profit margins.

Since 2018, tax legislation changes have caused tax firm’s profit margins to plummet as they are spending more time than ever helping clients navigate complex financial issues, fees are dragging far behind inflation causing many firm owners to suffer. SmartPath Engage with CPACharge will increase profit margins for tax & accounting firms by securely collecting fees online for services that were never billed or captured through previous paid engagements. The integration provides clients with more transparency and the ability to choose their own engagement level in simple terms.

“We are excited to launch the CPACharge integration with, which will give our customers a dependable solution to help increase revenue,” said Dru Armstrong, Chief Executive Officer of CPACharge. “Tax and accounting firms will now be able to use the all-in-one solution with CPACharge and SmartPath allowing them to operate their businesses smoother and more efficiently.”

By using the new SmartPath Engage Platform, small business owners and W2 employees will now have a way to easily request additional services from their tax accountant right from their phone adding more convenience to clients and increasing productivity for high- efficiency firms.

"We're excited to launch this new platform which will increase client satisfaction. Possibly for the first time, a consumer can understand and select the tax and accounting services most important to them while seeing their price in real time," said William Hamilton, Founder of "This will align profit margins for tax firms and allow payment collection for services clients have always wanted, but were previously never captured."

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