Take a Tax Season Break

Having worked with thousands of CPAs and tax professionals, we understand that everyone handles tax season a little differently. Some choose meditation and mindfulness, while others prefer more outward expressions.

However you manage the stress, we respect your commitment to keeping your clients happy during this hectic time. That’s why we’ve created some fun content to help you take a little “tax break” of your own.

Tell us how you feel:

Feeling cool as a cucumber

Your ability to stay calm and collected in the face of pressure helps you stay efficient during tax season, which gives you extra time to bring in more clients—and more payments!

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Ready to blow off some steam

When it comes to tax season stress relief, your approach is a bit more… passionate. The good news is you can channel that intensity into re-energizing your payment processing.

Unlike generic payment solutions, CPACharge was built specifically for CPAs, enrolled agents, and accountants. With no long-term contracts, setup fees, or cancellation penalties, trying CPACharge is risk-free.

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