SmartPath Partnership Overview

Get the complete payment and practice management tools you need with CPACharge and SmartPath. Together, we help you securely, effectively, and easily manage every aspect of your Tax and Accounting practice.


Key Benefits of SmartPath

Automatically Increase Margins

SmartPath’s platform automatically increases margins, eliminating awkward conversations with new or existing clients about fees and pricing.

Customized Engagement Options

Expertly designed client engagement options built around your specific revenue goals, guaranteed to increase margins.


With proven strategies used by 1,000+ firms, the SmartPath platform does most of the work for pricing, engaging, and onboarding clients.

Payment features designed exclusively for Tax and Accounting firms

Easily incorporate online payments for convenience

Create custom secure payment links for your tax business

Quickly reconcile with robust and detailed reporting

Accept payments online, in your office, anywhere at any time

Leading Payment Technology

  • Trusted by more than 150,000 professionals nationwide
  • Over a decade of experience with payment technology
  • Tailored to meet the needs of tax professionals