With CPAChrge and Rochon & Associates, you have access to comprehensive financial support

Looking for financial peace of mind? Rochon & Associates offers a complete bookkeeping and business management service for accounting firms. When combined with CPACharge’s powerful online payments, accounting industry professionals can confidently accept online payments and have access to all the reporting tools needed for fast, easy reconciliation.

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Key benefits of Rochon & Associates

Custom-built solutions

Rochon & Associates offers a personalized plan of action for your business and will train you or your staff on everything you need to know to implement the solution.

Time saved for firms of all sizes

Rochon & Associates’ team of bookkeepers is uniquely qualified to suit your needs and use current project management systems to ensure efficient and timely bookkeeping for your business.

CPACharge: Powerful Payment Technology

CPACharge’s online payments solution is perfect for accounting professionals who want to process customer payments anytime, anywhere.

Payment features designed exclusively for CPA firms

Easily incorporate online payments for convenience

Create custom secure payment links for your tax business

Quickly reconcile with robust and detailed reporting

Accept payments online, in your office, anywhere at any time

Leading Payment Technology

  • Trusted by more than 150,000 professionals nationwide
  • Over a decade of experience with payment technology
  • Tailored to meet the needs of tax professionals