Provide Simple Secure Accounting Fee Lending with ClientCredit

John Lehman
April 27, 2022

CPACharge has partnered with Affirm to offer a fee lending solution designed specifically for the accounting industry—ClientCredit!

Available exclusively through the CPACharge platform, ClientCredit gives your clients the ability to pay your invoice in small installments overtime, making your services more accessible and affordable to a wider range of clients. However, unlike traditional payment plans, your firm will receive 100% of the invoiced amount upfront, minimizing the risk of late and non-payments and maintaining a strong cash flow.

ClientCredit’s fee funding system is directly integrated into our online payment solution. Alongside credit cards, eCheck payments, QR code payments, and many more, you can now provide simple, secure fee financing to your clients thanks to ClientCredit.

Implementing ClientCredit into your business can provide a wealth of benefits. Not only will you be able to increase your overall collection rate and lower outstanding accounts receivable, you’ll also be able to easily modernize your billing system by offering a payment option that meets the preferences of many of today’s accounting clients.

Best of all, with ClientCredit, the collection of funds is handled by our lending partner, freeing your firm up to focus on the most important aspect of your business—your clients.

If you’d like to learn more about ClientCredit, visit our Features page!

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